Mindful and Happy 2nd Birthday Ridhi!

It was a fun day from beginning to the end where children just enjoyed playing, baking, making cards for Ridhi and of course had their Tuesday Mindfulness lesson! Ridhi along with her friends all had an enjoyable day and there were many renditions of Happy Birthday as you will see in the videos. Birthdays are to be celebrated and remembered! Enjoy the captures from the day...there were many.

Mindfullness Lesson Summary:


Our session began with mindful breathing.

We read a book in which we learnt about our brain- Amygdala, Hippocampus and Prefrontal Cortex. These are long words so we call them Amy, Miss. Pickles and PFC.

We all took turns to share how our body was feeling today and how our mind was feeling. For most of us our body was hurting :)

Being a rainy morning, we tried to do our stretches inside during the session. Then we pretend glued our feet to the floor and tried to wiggle our knees slowly and really fast. We also tried lifting our arms very slowly to feel the discomfort in our arms and relaxed them to notice the relaxation. These kind of exercises improves mind – body coordination. We continued with mindful breathing by counting in our head. Breathe in 1, breathe out 2, breathe in 3, breathe out 4 and so on! As the music started we lay down and imagined our special star in the sky. We imagined the star to be made up of different material, different colors and different shapes! The starlight gave warmth to different parts of our bodies- forehead, shoulders, arms, hands, all the way to our toes. The warmth relaxed our bodies from head to toes. We were so relaxed that some of us started to yawn!

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