Warm Welcome To Paliwal Family!

Our new student Aanya continues to get comfortable here at Avid Kids Circle among new friends. A warm warm welcome to Aanya, mom Neha and dad Shrijeet from each one of us. Aanya is exploring the classroom and observing. She understands handwash, wiping with washcloth, knows to get a mat for group time, putting mat away, going out with friends to the park and coming in for lunch. While the parent transitions are teary, the rest of the times on her own are being handled well. Teacher Vrinda still remembers meeting Aanya, Neha and Shrijeet 10 months ago when Aanya was 8 months lying quietly in her car seat. Here we are now :) The ride will only get better.

Ridhi was missed today...the calls to Kenzie or Aria, names she remembers easily. Hope the day celebrating the birthday at the zoo with parents was enjoyed. We look forward to the school celebration tomorrow with cake baking in the morning and cutting in the evening. Given Alexandra also returns tomorrow, it is a better day to celebrate Ridhi’s birthday.

Sand Park time was enjoyed as were the walks to and fro. Halloween sights were being picked along the way...hay bales, pumpkins, scarecrows, black cat and more. The ‘what will you be’ for Halloween talks have started too. Apparently the school needs to be decorated too...it’s time :)

Until tomorrow...it’s party day.







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