Happiness is...

Enjoying a relaxed Friday evening reflecting on another day gone by :)

Aanya, Aarya, Ridhi, and Teacher Ranjini all continue to settle. All the kids are growing quickly and it is nice to see them connect well, talk and be happy. Even Aanya has made strides.

We all missed Alexandra today who is enjoying a short Hawaii vacation. We are happy she gets to travel to another state she has learnt about besides California and Oregon :)

When Mackenzie left post lunch today, all the kids wanted to know where she was and why she had to leave early. Why could she not stay on? They are always looking out for each other. Teacher Vrinda is always amazed at their thought and tracking abilities. We truly are a circle of friends.

Raisa, Diya and (boy) Aarya work together in the afternoon and then are the quickest to finish evening snack so they get some free play on the rug together.

It sure is nice to see the circle expand and be supporting all the children here. 

Have a fun weekend all. See you on Monday.







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