Up and Down, Up and Down...

Up, up, up, up, down, down, down :)

Music lesson with Teacher Barbora only goes up, up, up :) There was much excitement that Teacher Barbora was with us for the day. I can see why the kids are such fans of her :) It was wonderful to see our newest member Aanya also watch with interest. The kids are getting their beats using claves. We introduced a new set of musical eggs which make different levels of sounds from soft to extra loud. The diversity of instruments and exposure being co-created is fun. Teacher Vrinda believes very much in music education and Teacher Barbora is creative with the exposures. Kids are getting good at recognizing and creating rhythms with quarter (cat), half (spider) and whole (alligator) notes.

Walking to the Green Park two by two back and forth was fun. The oldest Aria was paired with the newesr Aanya and it was wonderful to see the slow and thoughtful chaperoning. Alexandra paired with Laasya, Ria with Ridhi, Avni with Kenzie and Vani was Teacher Vrinda’s partner while Shlok was Teacher Barbora’s partner.

Lunch today went by fast with noodles voraciously consumed. We hope to make Aanya a fan of eating too in time. 

Overall, a fun day and one where Aanya certainly observed and settled in more.

See you all tomorrow.







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