Mindful Listening

Another fun mindfulness lesson with Teacher Deepti. The new activity today were a fun mindful listening exercise where kids had to follow directions or the opposite directions. They had fun doing that. As part of another new exercise got to share their name, what emotion they were feeling at the moment and that they were glad to be here. It was interesting to learn what emotions were picked...happy, sad, excited.  The children are getting better at listening to the singing bowl especially when they ring it sitting with a ‘mindful body’. Please ask your child to show how to sit in a mindful body. They were all reminded about the sleeping tiger in their brain which needs to sleep to keep anger and emotional responses at bay. The wise owl in the front of the head is our friend since it keeps us balanced. Do ask your child to share the locations on the head of the sleeping tiger and wise owl. The older preschoolers follow this better naturally. After dragon breadth and tick-tock balance reviews, a new book reading and quiet lie down, the class wrapped up.

Just another reminder that Monday, October 8 is Columbus Day Holiday.

See you all tomorrow.







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