Human Connections

My apologies on a late Friday evening blog. It’s a squash tournament weekend and Mom Vrinda headed to the city to catch up on some game time.

Every time new members are added to the circle,  it is special since new human connections are made and existing connections are extended.

This week was a first one for Diya and also for Teacher Ranjini and Aarya. This has been our biggest stretch thus far. It isn’t easy to walk into a social circle and start to make one’s place in it. All of us as adults know that, don’t we? Teacher Vrinda does like to see happy faces join in and happy faces depart. We hope it was overall a positive first week for Diya, Teacher Ranjini and Aarya. I know it takes time to adjust in. We are all here to help. The most important goal is to like coming in, leave the rushing out, breathe and connect over food, talks, music, play, work and even while resting. We are a community. 

Riddhi resumed school too. It was good to see her recall the routines and both join or leave her ‘friends’ happily.

A sweet moment to note was Ria holding Shlok while dancing and moving to the song Hello Hello with Teacher Barbora. Another moment was to watch Shlok lie down on his mat with no prompting when Teacher Deepti started to play her soft music. 

It is lovely to see so many positive connections, learning and interactions. Teacher Ranjini and Teacher Barbora it turned out also know each other from a common ECE Curriculum class at Cañada College. Teacher Deepti and Teacher Ranjini, both Foster City residents, met at the Kumon Center too. It is a privilege to collaborate with all the teachers here who are sharing their passions and introducing them to young minds at these early ages. We are all privileged to have the opportunity to work with the families we do.

Thank you all and have a restful weekend.






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