Music in the Park, Homemade Pita-Hummus

It was a day full of fun, special simply because we did music lesson in the Gazebo Park and then had an enjoyable meal with homemade pita and hummus. Teacher Vrinda likes to change it up. Playing music in the Gazebo Park was a big hit. Nothing like fresh air along with singing and music. Wooden claves (sticks) are a new addition to our music repertoire to practice beats. We even tried a little harmony with them where a set of kids played the ‘spider’ beats while the other played ‘cat-cat-cat’ beats. Parachute in the Park was liberating. Enjoy the many captures. A food experiment today was making pita bread at home. The kids are a little young to go to ‘Kokkari’ a popular Greek restaurant in the city but there is no reason why the pita bread served there cannot be enjoyed by us at home :) The experiment was a hit too and all enjoyed the individually sized pita bread along with homemade hummus. We are creating foodies here! After rest and snack, it was time to head home. Until tomorrow...






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