Ridhi...feel better!

We have all been missing Ridhi in the mornings as she is recovering from a bout of cold and stuffy nose. While we are glad for no fever, we hope that she gets better and can resume school.

Teacher Ranjini continues to get familiar with the kids and the kids are getting increasingly familiar. Mr Aarya also is learning the classroom routines, it’s quiet times, mat play and he surprised his mom with milk drinking along with friends. Positive monkey-see, monkey-do is what is encouraged in the classroom and communal eating is certainly a big pillar.

We now distinguish between Mr Aarya and Ms Aria. Some also call Boy Aarya vs girl Aria. What are the chances of name collision in a group of 11 kids :)

3 wakeful kids and 7-8 sleeping kids is also a new dynamic to adjust to for all. All good adjustments and learning for all kids.

Until tomorrow.







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