Peace Begins With Me

We used Bubble Timers to begin our mindfulness session. Mindfully we observed the different colors of bubbles separating and going down at different speeds. The floating colorful liquid bubbles relax and calm a child.

We recited our new mindful mantra “Peace begins with me!”. We chanted over and over to remember and believe. We practiced “Hot Chocolate Breathing”. It was a fun exercise where we blew into our pretend hot chocolate, sipping it and then saying a long yummmmmmmmm to enjoy it! We visually saw how our pretend balloon of feelings becomes bigger and bigger. To stop it from popping we have tools to help it deflate. It’s a concept they will learn gradually. By now we all know what to do as the music starts- Lie down!!! We all lay down for few minutes listening to music to calm down. Calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, so that's very important for good health! 

- Teacher Deepti






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