Warm Welcome to Avid Kids Circle - Teacher Ranjini, Aarya, Diya and Kamdar Family

The classroom/circle expanded to include 3 new members starting today. Teacher Ranjini began her full day schedule. As with every staff member, having spent some time in our classroom, the kids were comfortable and over time the familiarity will increase. Teacher Ranjini’s son Aarya who is almost 5-year old in TK also joins in the afternoons. A warm welcome to Teacher Ranjini and Aarya. Diya also joined us today. She will be coming in the afternoon like Raisa between 1 pm - 5pm for after-school until December. A warm welcome to the Kamdar family! It was interesting to have 3 students wakeful during the afternoon hours. We look forward to sharing various routines of our classroom with all of you. It was nice to see all the children playing together after evening snack or chanting outside prior to pickup. Our afternoon count today was 10 students and will be 11 when Ridhi is there too. Our morning count will be 9 until Aanya joins us in October. Shlok and Ridhi were missed today due to runny nose and cough symptoms that are making the rounds currently. Please ensure all have lots of vitamin C to keep the immunity up. Giving local honey and lemon is good for building immunity in kids. Until tomorrow... 







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