Good Luck Teacher Melanie!

We had a fun day with Teacher Melanie crafting some keepsakes for her and also baking a cake together...a Funfetti Thomas Train Cake. Many pictures were taken together so Teacher Melanie can fill the picture frames made with some pictures of her with her students. We enjoyed the summer together and appreciate very much the time spent to develop both Art and Spanish Language experiences. We wish Teacher Melanie well in pursuing a full time student course load. Educating oneself is critical, keep learning, stay Avid :) We are hapoy that you will be continuing on as a Art and Spanish language specialist teacher. We look forward to seeing you on Monday mornings in a week. Avid Kids Circle is glad to be setting the many stepping stones that are critical to these early, thoughtful/mindful habits, dance, outdoor experiences, art or craft, nutrition, diverse food experiences and language appreciation. Most of all the the key is to surround children by people who care about them each and every day. While young, we will always be a spirited and nourishing environment...a circle, a community, our own little village. Gratitude and thank you to Teacher Barbora and Teacher Nani for stepping in to substitute as we kicked off the transition from Teacher Melanie to Teacher Ranjini this week. As a student this week said happily, we have so many teachers :) Lucky us. 






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