Cat-Cat-Cat-Cat, Spider-Spider, Alligator

Today was music filled. Kids and Teacher Nani together enjoyed singing songs followed by a game of sound/alphabet stepping stones. The younger children chose to work on wooden cylinders, puzzles and alphabet/numbers after the singing. The music lesson with Teacher Barbora was delightful as usual. We sang our favorite songs, learned a new way to sing ‘If You Are Happy And You Know It’, improved our ‘echo’-abilities and most of all learned about quarter, half and whole notes. Music reading and following just became more interesting with animals...even Shlok and Riddhi were found chanting and clapping Cat-Cat-Cat-Cat (quarter notes), Spider (half note) and Alligator (whole note). Green Park walk/play was fun and we used our musical note learnings while walking back with a game of making up our beats using Cat-Spider-Alligator. Do have fun making music and playing beats with them. The kids now want Teacher Barbora to also invite Lion, Giraffe, Elephant and other animals :)

See you all tomorrow. Alexandra, we will miss you tomorrow but I am sure attending the wedding will be a blast. 






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