Whew...what a day!

The day could not have been busier. It started off with a broken pump in the bathroom which meant constant water running. Rotorooter appointment was set up and between 9:30 am - 10:50 am, the issue was solved. We had an altered schedule. After a round of bathroom trips and sunscreen, we stepped out for coloring/art in the Gazebo Park and Tree Park Play. Aanya our new student to be by September end/October had her second visit today both outdoors and indoors. She stayed on until lunch time and while the day started teary, it ended with a smile. She will make additional visits. Our new full time teacher finalization process is closing in. Teacher Ranjini will be onsite with her son Arya (nearly 5 year old in TK) tomorrow and day after (afternoon) in the classroom. She will officially start on Monday. 5pm parent pickups will likely get an opportunity to meet with her tomorrow/day after. I am sure all will get to meet her in time. She is also a software engineer who wishes to spend time in early childhood education and with her young son. Arya will be part of our classroom after school. It is exciting to add an older boy into the circle. Teacher Vrinda’s day continued on until 9:30 pm with a high school curriculum night. After a round of Math, Biology, Band, PE, History, English and Spanish, it is time to prepare for tomorrow. The best thing I heard today, “one vs One”....we all need to help each other be One...unique, ourselves, life long learners and nurturers...not ‘one of many’ but the ‘One’! While one wishes to relive childhood years again, the high school Head of School repeated what I find myself repeating...present time is here and now, our children nor us will ever get a chance to relive so let’s make sure we help them live it and be ‘One’. 







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