Mindful Me

Our morning started by coloring some geometric patterns with calming music. We sat on the mat and played a game - Tick Tock and everyone loved it. Do ask your child to show it to you or see the video shared of it. They might not remember all the words but it is a fun way of bringing oneself to the present moment and find our center of gravity. We will continue to do these in future lessons. 

There will be repetition of activities so that the brain gets tuned to use these tools in unusual situations. We read a new book in which a sister calls her brother Lemonade Hurricane because he loves lemonade and behaves like a hurricane. We will continue to read the story next time. We reviewed Dragon Breath, Blowing the birthday candles, using the singing bowls! We learned a new mantra today- Peace begins with me.

We ended our session by sending ourselves kind and loving wishes, with a big, tight hug!

Take away from today- “Be yourself, love yourself, you are your best friend! If you don't love yourself, you cannot love others.” 







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