A favorite ‘silly’ moment

I realized I have not shared this little titbit.

One of the faces on our new calendar is what Teacher Vrinda labeled as a ‘silly’ face. So as we wrap up the calendar and confirm all kids are not shocked, worried, angry or sad but instead happy and ‘silly’, we have fun making silly faces to each other. The silly faces are getting interesting and new. What makes Teacher Melanie and Vrinda always amused is how little Shlok has caught on to the ‘silly’ face routine so quickly. It is a light-hearted and delightful moment when the time comes for the silly face magnet...to hear “see my silly face!” or just to look at Shlok pop his little tongue out making his signature ‘silly’ face :)

So parents, when you pick your kids, talk to them and do have fun making a silly face together for the day. For that moment, all the worries go away and one is just happy to enjoy this pleasure.

Kids had a fun time at the Sand Park and eating their favorite potstickers y spring rolls with soy sauce after. Lotusroot is crunched by all even our toughest eaters...Yoo-hoo.

Until tomorrow.







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