Read Together...

It was a busy day for Teacher Vrinda and Teacher Melanie as we hosted an impromptu visit by our next toddler Aanya for outdoor time and also met with our final full time Assistant Teacher candidate. An offer has been made but it is an offer at this point. I will keep you posted on the acceptance and start date which could be as early as next week. Teacher Melanie will be switching to half day (9am - noon) starting next week and Teacher Barbora will be coming noon onwards as per plan. As always, the intent is to ensure reliability and school uptime. Teacher Melanie’s continued dedication to her work here and her flexibility along with the pursuit of college studies is very much appreciated.

The children had a fun day and as always, there is never a dull moment. Teacher Vrinda’s memorable moment was having Alexandra do the group time reading. She picked the book, practiced it independently before and enjoyed reading to her peers. As kids get comfortable reading, we plan to create these opportunities to read to the class.

Enjoy the captures, catch a sighting of our new toddler to be and have a fun restful weekend.

See you all next week.






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