Days Off Reminder

As we wrap up the Labor Day weekend, I wanted to make sure everybody has the next set of long weekends/holidays marked on their calendar. The next one is Monday, Oct 8 (Columbus Day) followed by Monday, Nov 12 (Veterans Day). 

Music with Teacher Barbora continues to delight. It is fun to see them engaged and having a good time, increasingly following directions, learning to keep to beats/tempo/rhythms/rests and so much more. Enjoy the captures from today.

It was good to have the full classroom again. San Diego fun was shared. It seems like Legoland was certainly enjoyed by our preschoolers while warm weather/beaches captivated the toddler family. More San Diego goers? Teacher Vrinda has enjoyed it at every age with the kids. Now of course the restaurants, food and beach seems to draw the older kids!

Until tomorrow...