Welcome Riddhi!

It is good to see our new student Riddhi settling in and slowly getting comfortable with the classroom, its members and the routines. While transitions sometimes can be bothersome, overall, she is now distinguishing kids and calling out their names. Outdoors is a favored time as is kicking ball. Potty-training has been started and we all look forward to having her get increasingly comfortable. Our students are helping with potty-training by sharing how to pull pants down, singing the ‘peepee/poopoo’ song and making sure she understands ‘wait’ or ‘no peepee in the pull-ups/pants’ :) The newly trained Ria and Kenzie are especially enjoying seeing another follow the due process. It is a lot of changes to take in but Riddhi is handling it all. One has to remember that today is just her day 2 in the program as a full time student. A warm welcome to Riddhi and her parents Ajit (dad)-Akhila (mom) from the Avid Kids Circle community.

There will be an after-noon only student for 3 months from mid-September to mid-December. She visited last week. While there is interest in having her continue on, currently we do not anticipate having an afternoon opening starting January, 2019 when another enrolled full time student will start. 

Enrolled student ‘Aanya’ will start her visits in the last week of September and continue on from October. This is anticipated to be the last addition for this year.

Until tomorrow...we all look forward to having Avni-Vani resume school...they were missed by all of us.







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