Mindful Tuesday!

Share from Teacher Deepti:

Our morning started with soothing music where we all lay down to relax.

We used singing bowls. Like last week, each one of us got a chance to instruct others to sit in their mindful bodies and initiate the singing bowl.

The new introduction was colorful feathers. We all got to pick our favorite color and feel the feather on our cheeks, hands and arms. Some found it ticklish, while others found them soft. (This is a great way to observe our feelings at the moment.)

We read how Mrs.K calmed herself down when she got a boo-boo by blowing into a balloon. We blew on our feathers instead of balloon. (This kind of breath work calms our body and mind.) We did a partner game in which we faced our partner, greeted him/her. Then told them the color of their eyes/hair and told them how happy we were to see them. By playing this game we learn to see, observe and appreciate people around us. In a nut shell- Your positive action combined with your positive thinking results in success! Isn’t it amazing that they are learning all this at such a young age! 







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