Bye, Mika!

September 1, 2018


Summer is over and it was time to say goodbye to Mika today. We wish her and the Hinkston-Uyei family a fun and happy year 4 running to year 5! Thank you for sharing Mika with us at Avid Kids Circle for a 2nd consecutive summer.

We said bye in our typical together. Mika requested making chocolate chip cookies with her Avid friends and so we did that.

The kids decided they will play play dough together and we made up our own park in the front yard and enjoyed the day.

It was a fun day and while goodbyes are never joyous, we are learning that sometimes one has to do that. We can still be in touch and continue to be friends. All kids wished her well, some gave Mika hugs during Group Time and some plans were made to maybe meet at Orange Park. I would encourage kids to get together on weekends in a park sometimes should they wish.

Avni-Vani will be missed on Tuesday/Wednesday as they continue a 5-day break in San Diego. Shlok is in San Diego too :) He was missed today and everybody commented that Shlok is missing and he is in San Diego. The kids track all their friends and their whereabouts.

Have a restful Labor Day weekend. We look forward to resuming school on Tuesday. 


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