Music - So Many Ways To Enjoy!

When Teacher Barbora walks in with her guitar and bag of musical treats, all of us get excited and look forward to the next 1/2 hour. Even little Shlok got busy putting his hands in the proximal music bag to dig out goodies. The songs taught so far and played were enjoyed along with some new musical song and technique introductions. Teacher Vrinda loved the musical ‘echo’. Singing Itsy Bitsy Spider especially since it is also the song that Teacher Melanie is teaching us in Spanish and the roller coaster song with its variations was very fun too. Riddhi continues to settle in the classroom slowly getting acclimated to the routines. It is interesting that transitions are the most non-favored times for our toddlers. Given little Shlok learned to roll with the transitions too within 2 weeks or so, I am sure Riddhi will too given time. We love hearing her say ‘Friends’ or ‘Akka’ (big sister) to the kids she sees here. Grandparents are remembered as are the parents at some time but then she is reminded of her friends being there. Outdoor Time is loved by her too as it is by all kids. We had a new 3.5 year old afternoon-only visitor come in today (Diya). The older kids sure enjoyed the company. She spent 1 pm - 4:30 pm in the classroom. I will keep you posted if she will be part of the classroom during the mid-September to mid-December timeframe. Until tomorrow... 






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