Administrative Updates

Administrative Updates: Sorry for the delay in sending the note for yesterday. It was a busy day and the evening rushed by too. We had a fun day doing an art project with Teacher Melanie yesterday. We cut shapes, glued tissue paper on the shape and then put it to the sun to see the colors stand out. It was fun work. The rest of the day went by busily. Now to the administrative updates: 1. Riddhi spent a whole day yesterday and handled it all. It was a busy day. She is now part of our classroom as a full time student. 2. This is Mika’s last summer week with us. We will have a fun cooking project in the classroom tomorrow to celebrate our summer time together and also celebrate the start of fall as September sets in.

3. We had another aspiring part time student family visit yesterday evening. I will keep you posted if she joins. Our next enrolled student Aanya will start her visits in the last week of September and as a part time student in October. In the long run, she will be a full time student too. For this year, these 1-2 additions will be final.  Next year will bring in further additions, one in January and then March/April. 3. Monday is a Labor Day Holiday. Reminder that the school will be off on Monday. We hope all families have a good Labor Day weekend. 4. You will notice some new faces in the pictures over the course of this week and next. We will be having teachers visiting on some days. We had one visit yesterday and there is one anticipated today and tomorrow. I will finalize next week’s visiting teachers too. These teacher visits are to finalize a teacher hire. Teacher Melanie is keen to take on a full class load versus part time college study starting this fall. It is a change in her plans for herself and being a teacher I do want to support her continuing education. Given that, I am looking for a new teacher who can take on her current full time role. Teacher Melanie will be here full days next week and then till noon until 9/21/2018 as currently planned. She wishes to be part of our community as a continuing substitute/part time teaching staff. Teacher Barbora will substitute and cover for the afternoons from 9/10-9/21 while we finalize the new hire and get her trained. As always, I keep the transitions planned with current and new staff overlapping to ease us all in most of all the children. As always, Teacher Vrinda is here and available. See you all shortly.






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