Mindful Bodies Visit Blue Park

Our morning started with singing bowls. Each child got a chance to instruct others to sit in their mindful bodies (upright sitting criss-cross) and initiate the singing bowl. It was great to notice that their attention span to listen to the bowl singing/resonating increased from last week. We read how Mrs.K calmed herself down when she fell down. She lay/sat down putting her paws on her belly and relaxed as it went up and down. Teacher Vrinda also recommends checking that nothing is hurt on the body. We learned Dragon Breath! (Please ask your child to show it to you.) We jumped to see how our hearts start beating fast and how we can slow our heartbeat. It was interesting to see them lie down with calming music in the background. There were giggles and restlessness, which is expected. Gradually they will learn to relax by listening to soothing music even when its not bedtime. Today we also started working on tracing our hand with index finger of the other hand. Once they learn how to do it we will move further to use it to breathe. Please ask your child about this session and do one activity with them throughout the week. — Teacher Deepti The Blue Park Visit after Mindfullness and Calendar Time was a recipe for long nap...the crew again rested longer than usual. Do take feedback from your children about the new music and mindfullness acticities. Teachers Vrinda, Barbora and Deepti would like to know what the kids share about them and if they look forward to them. Mindfulness session will be on Tuesday while Music session will be on Thursday. — Teacher Vrinda 







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