New Park, New Game

It was a lot of fun today at a new green by the tree walk close to the radio station. The kids played catch, hide and seek, explored tree roots, mushrooms, and enjoyed the new game of Duck, Duck, Goose. Everybody got a chance to be a Goose and chase a Duck. Even our littlest in the process was chanting Duck, Duck! It is nice to have Kenzie sleepover these days in the afternoons. She has started to like getting into her bed, call out to her friends while lying down and everybody is happy having her hang back at school. Now Kenzie is tracking when Baby Shlok will stay back too. Why does he have to go? Those here want to see everybody here!

Riddhi, our next student to be will be coming in tomorrow morning and then continuing her visits this week expanding from half-day to full day. She will be starting as a full day student from September. The afternoon nap time on the rug and more is slowly but surely filling up. Never a dull moment here. See you all tomorrow for more Duck, Duck, Duck, Duck, Goose! 






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