Boy did we sleep ‘peacefully’ today!

Well, I guess we had a fun and busy day/week since the kids were just not waking up today...not one. They all needed to be risen out of their nap mats by 4/4:15 pm. Our group lesson in Spanish was same when it comes to routines yet very different. It was fun to start to learn a new Spanish song (Itsy Bitsy Spider). It takes time to learn the words but our older kids can read Spanish they have realized :) Thank you Teacher Melanie for Spanish language development efforts. Alexandra had made little cards to give out to the friends. She shared those at group time too. Alexandra, thank you for writing cards to your friends and practicing heart drawing and coloring. We are enjoying seeing you express your thoughts in writing and figuring your spellings.

We learnt about the peace symbol and the peace hand sign. Alexandra brought a peace token, Aria’s shirt had a peace sign and that is how the topic arose. It was fun to show our peace hand signal...we talked about using it instead of arguing, fighting, shouting and getting mad...let’s make peace :) Among other news, we now have another scooterer amidst us...Kenzie joins in with her wheels and helmet today. Children are so perceptive and teach themselves. We have an aspiring scooterer in Ria...amazing to see our toddlers go from single words to nearly potty-trained and scooter riding in 8 months!! Cheers to that. Have a wonderful weekend to all. 






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