Music Enrichment and Obstacle Course Day!

Music time with Teacher Barbora was fun again. Teacher Vrinda captured for the kids since a day and it’s moments just never come back :) When the school house fills with the sounds of guitar, recorder, claps, stomps, thrills and shrieks, it just has all of us smiling, laughing and enjoying. The children absorb fast and even in two sessions, we can see them paying attention, listening and trying to keep to beats and rhythms. Watch out for times when even a 16 month old joins in and tries. Words and still pictures can never describe these moments and thus the videos so the parents and families. Teacher Uma waits for these too and loves to see the kiddos growing while she is away. Teacher Melanie and the kids created an obstacle course in the Green Park today and this was another super fun time. It energized the kids and had many scurrying around which is the intent when outdoors. I am sure variations to the course will emerge. Forever alive here...we look forward to tomorrow.






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