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From Teacher Deepti:

In a world of sensory overload, kids need to learn to be in the present moment. Mindfulness helps kids develop focus, regulate their own emotions and learn how to pay attention.  

The lesson started with reviewing the breath work we learnt last week, like smelling pretend flowers and blowing the pretend birthday candles. I was happy to see that they remembered it!

We continued reading the book where Mrs. K, the cat had a boo-boo and how she made herself better by breathing in and out. Mrs. K had a play date with a friend, the Big Black Cat, and she didn't share her fish crackers with Mrs. K. Mrs. K was upset and she used the practiced breathing by counting 1,2 and so on. Breathing helped her feel a lot better. The singing bowl which resonated was new for the kids and they needed to focus and pay attention to the resonating sound. Over time the focus will allow them to feel the continuing resonation longer. We all lay down with stuffed toys on our tummies and took them on an imaginary ride by breathing in and out. This makes us visualize the constant breathing motion too!

From Teacher Vrinda:

The day hummed along and the 30 minutes of mindfullness with Teacher Deepti was relaxing. My gratitude to Teacher Deepti and Barbora who helped pitch in the classroom duties today. See you all tomorrow when we will have music enrichment session with Teacher Barbora along with all other aspects of the day. We look forward to Teacher Melanie’s return to the classroom too. 







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