Fragrant Paper Flower Garden

Today we had fun making tissue paper flowers for craft lead by Teacher Melanie. The exercise was new to the kids and involved stacking tissue papers, making a fan, securing the fan and slowly with help separating the fan folds gently to make flowers. Inhaling tissue flowers isn’t as much fun so we gave them fragrance! Interestingly by evening, diminished fragrance was noted too with “Teacher Vrinda, my flower isn’t smelling as beautiful” :) Well, if the flowers last, please do give them additional fragrance for the olfactory pleasure. Thank you Teacher Melanie for the very fun flower craft lesson. As noted, Teacher Barbora stepped in today allowing Teacher Melanie some extra rest to recuperate from her developing cold flu that has been attaching to bodies here. Kids are comfortable with Teacher Barbora and already asked about their next music lesson which is scheduled for Thursday morning. The kids are looking forward when Teacher Barbora will come in with her guitar and bag of musical treats too. Tomorrow, Teacher Deepti will be coming in for the newly started Mind-Body Enrichment weekly lesson. Teacher Barbora will also be in the classroom as needed. As always, we are all here to support each other and extend ourselves for our kids. 

See you all tomorrow.






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