Peter Rabbit - The Book Report Song

Well, it’s been a relaxed and usual day at school.

Kids worked, played outside, lunched, rested and played more. Ria has brought in toy piano which has some playing and trying it out. It’s keys are like regular ones so Teacher Vrinda had fun in the evening showing how to try and keep all fingers and thumb on the keys...try to play only one at a time. It is not easy at all as many discovered.

There was talk of Peter Rabbit which had us listening to some songs from “You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown” musical. Specifically “The Book Report” Song which mentions Peter Rabbit had the crew in a tizzy. They were all trying to follow the fast singing :) Link to the song...

Another week kicks off. Have a fun evening! We hope to start our new student this week. She also got a cold at home and is recovering.






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