Teacher Deepti for Mind-Body Enrichment

Please join me in welcoming Teacher Deepti to Avid Kids Circle. She will be helping our children and us be more mind-body aware. This area is often also called ‘Mindfullness’ or ‘Emotional Quotient’ or ‘Emotional IQ’ development. It is a much discussed area and one Teacher Vrinda considers very important. Teacher Vrinda has been working with the children from day one through talk, conversations, stretches, walks, verbal expression, extended group times, music, art to develop focus and patience. It is exciting to have Teacher Deepti extend and enrich this aspect of our curriculum further through breathing/meditative techniques, art, dance, reading and other ways over time.

As you will see from the captures today, the introductory session covered feeling our hearts pounding, deep breathing and also using inhaling and exhaling to calm down when angry aka smell the flowers and blow birthday candles. They read a book where Mrs K the cat was upset and thought about smelling the flowers in her garden and candles on the cake technique to feel better. So mom’s and dad’s, next time you have an upset child, try to share the video from today and remind them to pretend to smell flowers and blow some candles...essentially breathe and think about something else that is positive.

Teacher Deepti has been known to Teacher Vrinda since 2007 when our first borns joined kindergarten. It is exciting to collaborate together in enriching our young children, an area that both of us have gravitated to from our careers be it software development for Teacher Vrinda and Drug/Pharmaceutical Development for Teacher Deepti. Life has a way of bringing people together in such interesting ways. 

Have a wonderful weekend. See you all on Monday. We hope to start our next new full time student sometime next week. She will join us at 22.5 months.







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