Teacher Barbora for Music Enrichment

Please join me in welcoming Teacher Barbora to Avid Kids Circle. She joins us to help take our program’s strong music and vocal curriculum further. Her first introductory music session today was received with great enthusiasm by all the students and post evening snack all wished for more time with Teacher Barbora. Teacher Vrinda and Melanie are also looking forward to more sessions. The plan is to have them regularly through fall and spring times once a week on thursday mornings. Over summer, we will keep as many as we can given Teacher Barbora’s availability. 

Enjoy some captures of the session and do talk to your kids about what they enjoyed. The session introduced Lily (Teacher Barbora’s little friend), we sang some hello songs, Twinkle Twinkle on the recorder, a movement song on the guitar, we sang with musical eggs, scarves and parachute learning about tempo, beats and rhythm. The session was fun and laughter filled. 

Teacher Barbora is trained in classical guitar and also plays the recorder/flute/basic piano. Teacher Vrinda and Teacher Barbora met in one of the ECE classes and it is a pleasure to continue collaborating post class assignments :) She is also a Redwood Shores resident.

Welcome aboard Teacher Barbora! Thank you and we look forward to more music enrichment. We are glad you can also join us after the session for outdoor time.

Tomorrow, we will be introducing another new enrichment teacher who will help build Mindfullness and Mind-Body curriculum further. Stay tuned.







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