Exciting Moments...

There were many exciting moments today that Teachers Melanie and Vrinda recall!

1. Painting/clay work by the children.

2. Absolutely great singing today.

A. Children sang the Welcome Song independently...Teacher Vrinda could not resist recording it for them. Some missed singing ‘Welcome to school today’ second time around but overall, it was lovely to see them just sit on the rug and start singing themselves.

B. They can now sing Twinkle Twinkle in both English and Spanish.

C. We sang a new song today which all the kids liked...We Shall Overcome. Teacher Vrinda sang it to them yesterday and the children liked it so we have started to learn it today. They relate to the lyrics...we will walk hand in hand or we are not afraid. Peace was a new concept/word for them, they understood not fighting :) The Song has an English and Hindi version, we hope to learn both in time. Bilingual songs are fun for kids to relate with. If you have any favorites in your native languages, please do share. We would love to learn those too.

3. The Loop Walk, watching the only resident blue-grey heron (spy it in the picture where kids are watching it), meeting Ginger our little Cavalier Spaniel friend again, and celebrating that Shlok walked most of the distance with some breaks! Daily practice is showing :)

4. The afternoon lying with books, chitchatting together are cherished and sweet to see. It reminds Teacher Vrinda of college dorm days though she was much older then. All kids are so playful post eating and then peace reigns when they finally call it an afternoon. They have started to wish each other’Good Night’ before resting :)

The day flew by as always. See you all tomorrow.







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