A Puppy Named Ginger

We rarely interact with the dogs being walked on the trails. We sometime observe them playing especially the playful ones. Today one came along who just avidly reached out to interact with the kids. She was a tiny puppy named Ginger. The owner a sweet lady sat down and let the kids interact easily while holding the puppy in her lap. The children related to the little puppy and learnt that like little children, puppies also need to be socialized with others. We came back and washed our hands well as usual before eating lunch.

The day sped by busily. We went to the vegetable garden to pluck some tomatoes and cucumbers in the evening. Some cucumbers are ready but we are waiting to finish what we have before plucking more. Bell peppers, tomatoes and a small cucumber were brought in.

Children continue to improve. While some residual cough/runny noses remain, they continue to be active and are all eating well. Lime in water continues to be shared and kiwi fruit eaten today is a better source of vitamin C than orange as are cauliflower, red/green bell peppers, broccoli, kale, strawberry, papaya, mango and pineapple! Eat these vitamin C laden fruits/vegetables to boost immunity and fight the colds and cough better.

See you all tomorrow.







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