Lime Water Cheers

As shared, our health score was better today with lime water consumption all day. It was funny to have kids say, when you have a cold-cough, drink lots of lime/lemon water, right Teacher Vrinda! They all got used to the sour water taste and diligently consumed it all day. Have them finish any remains in their bottles and give them more. Yoghurt was also served at room temperature which helps better than milk (unless mixed with turmeric and honey...aka golden milk).

Teacher Melanie and Vrinda are keeping up their vitamin C intakes to stay strong and healthy.

Outdoors while shorter today was loads of fun. All kids including the littlest one is a fan of the Lookout Point...they love to walk/run up and down the slope. They are all reminded to be a little slow but steady to avoid falls.

We missed some friends today and hope they are getting stronger too and doing better!

See you all tomorrow.






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