Runny noses and coughs

Wednesday started the cycle of runny nose in the classroom with one case which has multiplied to 4. The cases all include nasal discharges especially with sneezes. Fever has not been noted at school though one case at home did show a low grade fever. Some elevated  temperature is bound to happen given immunity building. Energy levels and eating has not been impacted. Please be watchful for these symptoms and I hope the weekend helps everybody recuperate stemming greater spread. Precautionary steaming, vitamin c rich foods/supplements and rest advisory. 

Other than the above, it was a usual day in the classroom. While some noted a missing Teacher Uma, for most, it was business as usual. Teacher Vrinda expected this and knows this age is very out of sight-out of mind one. We were glad to have Teacher Nani in the classroom during outdoor transition time all the way to pre-nap time.

The crew rested a little more today and then played before being picked for the day.

Teacher Vrinda and Melanie wish everybody a restful and restorative weekend. We missed two students and hope to see everybody on Monday hail and hearty.






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