Here I go...says Teacher Melanie

Another day slips away. We caught up with some individual work time, had fun at group time, met Teacher Barbora (Teacher Vrinda’s friend) again in the morning and then enjoyed Sand Park. Some kids like Teacher Melanie were flying on slides while others pretended that little branches were wings and flew across the grass with them. Enjoy captures from the day. 

Even little Shlok was taken with all the flying with branches. He was given some wings which he swung around with much glee with indulgent older friends. Shlok as the children also agree is now quite happily settled. He has figured how to put shoes back on the shelf after outdoor time and now walks in comfortably to wash hands. He is a little foodie and is a great fit for Avid Kids Circle thus far.

In one more week, we will be introducing the next full time student to our group. She is expected to start her visits from August 16/17 to quickly expand her stay to full day. At nearly 23 months, she will be a peer to our younger kids.

Slowly yet steadily, the enrolled kids are joining in and making the classroom into a lively place where all age spans have peers.

Until tomorrow....






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