Community Gets Together...

Teacher Uma, Melanie and Vrinda continue to count down until tomorrow night when Teacher Uma and Nana do have to return back to their home in Pushkar, India. No descriptions can share what Avid Kids Circle is. For Teacher Vrinda (may be a biased view), Avid Kids Circle is a series of experiences, a multitude of connections, lot of shared love and a joy in celebrating childhood. Teacher Vrinda is so happy and grateful that Teacher Uma/Mom and Nana/Dad agreed to take time out to come and help during the early founding period, see and experience our young and chirpy bunch of kids along with their caring parents/grandparents. While sometimes the differences may feel like cheese and chalk, it has been great to share how capable children even as young as 15 months can be given the opportunity and support. We will miss them and likewise, I know they will be thinking of all of us.

A very warm welcome to our new families Smitha - Gopal (parents of Laasya) and Saloni - Abhishek (parents of Shlok). As always, a thank you to all the current families who have continued to support this wishful program. You are all critical to the fabric of Avid Kids Circle.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule mid-week to join in our community get-together. I hope you were able to connect with the children that spend time together each day and inturn their families.

See you tomorrow.






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