Happy 4th Birthday, Mika!

A Very Happy 4th Birthday to Mika and congratulations from the Avid Kids Circle community to the Uyei-Hinkston family on this next milestone. While we do not see Mika all year round, she has friends here and over the last 2 summers, Mika has become a part of Avid Kids Circle too! It is lovely that we have been able to celebrate her 3rd and 4th birthdays here. Thank you mom-dad for the yummy rainbow jello which was enjoyed along with mangoes and the chocolate cake baked earlier in the day. There was much singing all day, some in our captures. Chocolate cake making happened indoors while wood chip cake was done at the Green Park. Mika spent the afternoon at school sleeping over with friends prior to the 3:30 pm snack/birthday party.

All in all, much fun has been had. We hope the birthday girl has a wonderful evening and sleeps fitfully! I am sure the birthday spirit will carry over for a few days.

The party will continue tomorrow evening over a small tea get-together at 5:00 pm to welcome our new families and also wish bon voyage to Teacher Uma-Vinod/Nana.

See you all tomorrow.