Warm Appreciation and Almost Goodbye (a note from Teacher Uma)

Dear Avid Kids Circle, The time is coming closer to say adieu to all of you. Six months have just flown by. Before we leave on Thursday, 9th August, 2018, I wanted to reflect on the journey with all of you. When Vrinda asked us to come here, I thought helping teach little kids would be a cake walk with 30 years of practice. But I had no inkling of the way little children are taught here. The learning is more hands on and independence-oriented rather than the rote and directed ways common to where I come from. I can say for sure I was a preschooler too. In the time here, each child has carved a niche in my heart. First student Aria, the drama queen, she will always hold the ‘Numero Uno’ place. Where would I be without my little teacher Miss Alexandra? Her photographic memory, especially on aquatic creatures and animals helped me out each time I got stuck trying to figure out an animal. My early and late chirping birds - Avni and Vani. I will miss their incessant chatter, sharing their ideas, a love for family and cooking pretend Indian meals together. Tiny Ria with her strong motor functions, happy go lucky and ready to compete with friends twice her age. Little Mackenzie, who cried when she first saw a new face in me and later became my walking partner. It has been a pleasure to see Mackenzie and Ria graduating from one word talk to sentences now. Our pink, party bird Raisa, full of fun and laughter. Afternoons will always remind me of our chatting times. Soft spoken Laasya has adjusted so well in the school, she enjoys doing activities and is comfortable in this environment. Affectionate Mika, I will miss your hugs and your big beautiful drum. It's so good to see you eat with care on the table. Our first baby boy student, Shlok. You have taken to school so well too. You are Bal Gopal ( Hindu god, Lord Krishna) with the nine cute gopis or girls around you ( Krishna was surrounded by female admirers). Our gratitude to Pratima ( Teacher Nani) for her support. We know your affection and guidance will always be there. Thank you are small words for your help and assistance. Melanie, it's a pleasure to know you. We hope you have a long association with Avid Kids Circle. Wish you good health and happiness. Last but not the least a special mention for all the parents. I may have faltered unintentionally but thank you for accepting me and Vinod in your environment, which is as different as cheese and chalk. Vrinda, we wish you a successful and rewarding journey. A big thank you from Dad ( Teacher Nana, he loves his new name) and me. Teacher Vinod/Nana has enjoyed his daily visits to the parks with the children, reminding him of the times he spent doing the same with his grandsons. Age is no bar to gain new experience and I have learnt a lot from the children, devoted parents, Teachers Nani, Melanie and Vrinda. Wishing each one of you good health and happiness. May the kids excel in whatever they undertake. Looking forward to our last days of fun, frolic, activities and lively chatter with the little ones. We shall treasure these memories always. -Teacher Uma 







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