Updates/Invitation for Tea (Wed, Aug 8@5:00 pm)

Happy Friday to all of you. 

We had a fun day as you will gather from the shares. Gathering 10 cucumbers from the garden was definitely ‘the’ highlight as was the trip to the Sand Park for outdoor time. Oatmeal with cranberries and syrup had a 100% fast eat rate and we are now moving into the ‘could I have more olives’ territory. When it comes to meals, we follow the ‘leave no child behind’ policy or rather have a case of ‘I (the child) do not want to be left behind’ :) As we head into the week when Teacher Uma and Teacher Nana will head to India (Thursday, Aug 9th night), we have started to talk of their impending trip in the classroom to prepare the children. I have confirmed to the children that Teacher Vrinda, Teacher Melanie and Teacher Nani will be here since we live here. Teacher Nani will join the classroom in the morning between 10 am - 1 pm on Friday, August 10. We will be having 1-2 potential part-time teacher candidates in the classroom next week or the week after to determine fit/need for a morning part time teacher. There are also 2 known teacher friends that I will be inviting to host mind-body or music development sessions for preschoolers. The intent in inviting these known specialist teachers is to sample their sessions and gauge interest within our young population plus the same teacher friends can also be potential substitute teachers. Creating an ideal teacher-student ratio for a high quality learning/working environment is something I do care about very much whether by having Teacher Nani/Uma/Vinod(Nana) helping or by timely hiring of Teacher Melanie and now developing known substitute/specialist/part time teachers. Finally, please let me know if you can all join us for tea/snacks on Wednesday, August 8th at 5pm or after. It will be a little family gathering to welcome 2 new families (Laasya/Shlok), a returning family (Mika) and also celebrate the fun times shared with Teacher Uma and Vinod/Nana. Have a happy weekend. Please RSVP for Wednesday tea so Teacher Vrinda can gauge availability and plan. 







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