Bye July, Happy August!

There were many highlights noted: 1. Pretending wooden tinkertoy rounds on sticks were marshmallows being grilled on ‘fire’ wheels was a new and ingenious pretend play today. It does give Teacher Vrinda the ‘smores’ idea for the next family party :) 2. The share on ‘Rocks’ today by Teacher Uma was much enjoyed especially the floating stone and the colorful rocks from the Utah dessert National Parks. 3. The children played races again. The funny sight was seeing Shlok racing too taking a big headstart (guess the pic). 4. A new name got proposed-‘Teacher Vrinda Aunty’ school. It all started with Laasya deciding to call me ‘Vrinda Aunty’ and that she goes to Vrinda Aunty’s big school. Some corrected her that the name is ‘Teacher Vrinda’. Ria who likes to follow keywords prefers ‘Vrinda’ and piped so. Raisa listened to it all and said, why can’t the name be ‘Teacher Vrinda Aunty’...problem solved. The debate sure was amusing especially the name. 5. Shlok, our youngest spent a full day in the classroom today. Barring a little less sleep and some transitional tears, he did well for himself. His mommy needed the afternoon to give her driving test. Congratulations to Saloni for clearing the test and a larger one to Shlok and his fellow students for helping him enjoy his full day. The best was to see him greet his parents with a smile rather than a cry in the evening. Glad even the little one has started to trust us just a wee bit. 6. All of us including Teacher Melanie were glad to be in the classroom together again. May all germs keep away and we all stay healthy through August and more! Kenzie was remembered and we look forward to her joining back next week, yeah to all that :) See you tomorrow.






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