Baby Catherine has grown!

I have to see it is amazing to see a baby sister outgrow her infancy, the infant car seat and get to the ‘I have a mind of my own’ stage. It was a lovely surprise to have Alexandra’s sister Catherine come and spend some time in the classroom today for a little bit in the morning or at pickup time. Thank you daddy for bringing her in. She enjoyed the materials and the time she spent with us be it puzzles, some art and more. A little after she left, Ria came up and asked, “Where’s Catherine?” Her sister Alexandra while lying down to rest said “I think Catherine was having fun.” It is lovely to see siblings and their friends together.  Teacher Vrinda needs to plan a bring your siblings to preschool day :)

Overall it was another fun day with some art, outdoors, eating, sleeping and more eating followed by play. I was told that I need to make Mac n cheese again soon. Stretching to music/rhymes was fun. Attempting to make fruits as a still life by some children was fun to see. As always, it is nice to see kids have their own visualizations on Thursday.

We are already approaching the first weekend of August! 






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