Teacher Melanie - Feel Better

The classroom has been busy especially during the mornings when we have 2 additional part time students. Teacher Melanie’s presence has been missed by all and we do hope she feels better after her trip so she can be part of the classroom again. Thank you Teacher Nani for being part of the classroom in lieu.

The children enjoyed running races and playing outdoors followed by a Mexican lunch. Soupy Pinto beans are loved by all as are chips and guacamole. Kiwi fruit was retried after some time and it was relatively well received. We will try it again since it is a great source of vitamin C!

While our littlest one is still trying to figure transitions like coming into the classroom,settling into play/group/outdoor times to start, once in a state, he happily plays. Even in a week, his walking ability has improved. Hi and Bye are the favored words. Notice the older kids initiating interactions or the curious onlooking by little kids while an older student works closeby.

The days hums by and despite staff substitutions as needed, we are all here to support our children.







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