Mika is back, yeah!

There was much happiness that Mika is back. Her friends enjoyed seeing her in the classroom. The fever cleared in 8 days on Thursday and then sleep was needed to recover after a long fight with the viral. We were all glad to see her happy, working, enjoying and eating. Birthday talks were kicked off today during group time. We look forward to celebrating Mika’s birthday next Tuesday at school!

Our youngest Shlok is beginning to realize that school is a daily occurrence and is going through the expected morning protest. He is being reminded by the experienced children to play and eat :) I am sure this phase will pass too. He does enjoy watching the older kids run outdoors and the older children kindly come and hand balls over to him to throw around. Singing or putting on music are his positive energy sources we have discovered.

Chasing Avi during outdoor time and decorating the Gazebo with pine cones or pine needles while singing were the enjoyment highlights today. Avi gave the kids a run but they gave him some runs too. He found himself sitting on the bench only to get tagged by all :)

After all the playing, pizza eating, rest and more playing, we are ready for more fun tomorrow.

See you all then.







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