Blue Park Blast

With the amount of pleases from kids and a unanimous vote for the Blue Park, we found ourselves there again. The older children are increasingly mastering so many aspects of the park especially the monkey bars that the park has become a bigger favorite. We can’t wait when Shlok will be old enough to explore this park! I am sure it won’t be long give the high aiming fellow students here :)

We did study in the morning today though as one would expect, the children are also mastering how to finish work in the quickest time possible time so they can get back to the most important job - PLAYING!

There was much dancing and singing at group time. We were happy it is Friday and the children know it means more time with precious mommy-daddy...a place of being Teachers Uma, Melanie or Vrinda can never ever take :) We were told that we will be missed by some students and added in by others...gratitide for that thought!

On this happy note, have a wonderful weekend. Speedy recovery for Mika. Shlok, see you Monday when you formally start school. Kenzie, how much longer will you take to return back!






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