Artful Thursday

Thursday mornings are art times at school. The children will explore different coloring props from the new art boxes acquired. Oil pastels were tried today. No child is told what to draw. They used their imaginations, interests and pastels for their renditions. The children will take the creations home tomorrow...have them tell you what they made. Coloring was taken outdoors too where wood chips became colors and concrete the canvas to color on together. Sidewalk chalk needs to be taken along on thursdays was the note to self.

Music, dancing and loud singing was also enjoyed outdoors. We put on some nursery rhymes and it had all of them jumping and singing. The merriment was infectious and had Shlok dancing too. Two grandmas walking complemented the crew on their singing and they received a thank you, smiles and byes.

All in all a fun day.

One correction. I had my weekdays mixed up yesterday somehow despite the daily calendar. Mika we hope can join us tomorrow/Friday not Thursday. Teacher Vrinda subconsciously was just wishing the week to be longer :)

Teacher Melanie has a planned day off tomorrow. She has a family wedding to attend in LA.

See you all tomorrow.






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