Sun, Sun, Mr Golden Sun

Please shine down on me...

It is great to have everyday be a sunny day. We sure are getting to enjoy some uninterrupted summer days...I hope to not jinx it! Alexandra introduced us to a new song today ‘Sun, Sun, Mr Golden Sun, please shine down on me!’. We have been singing it all has stuck with us :) The song will be part of our repertoire. I have been told there is a green grass and sky song too to sing. Nice to keep having our singing repertoire expanded and lead by the children. Legos have been moved to a new box and ever since, it is like the children have a new set of toys. They now have access to many more blocks and are enjoying discovering them. Thank you all for checking on Mika. We think her viral fever has finally broken. We will keep our fingers crossed that she can resume school on Thursday. Blood tests, chest x-ray and checkups have cleared presence of any other infection. The doctor indicates that it is a longer viral bout. Continued healthful wishes for Mika and the Uyei-Hinkston family. Day 2 of Shlok’s visit went well. He had a full 4-hour part day and he handled it well given his young age. He plays independently, enjoyed group time especially music/singing. Walking to start was protested over but on the way back, watching the children, he readily walked with them from the Green Park while they sang. It is amazing how even a single exposure is enough for the young minds. Just as we revised our schedule a little when we took on toddlers in January, as the fall toddlers join, we will alter the schedule as needed to acclimatize the new students into the program and ramp them up. The core quality and exposures of the program as always will be maintained. As Teacher Uma prepares to head to India on August 9th, from next week, we will start to practice in the Teacher Vrinda and Melanie duo mode. If additional teaching help is needed then it will be seeked as has been Teacher Vrinda’s practice thus far. Cheers and see you all tomorrow. 






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