Little Visitor(s)

What a fun day it has been. 

We had our youngest and first boy enrollee visit today. He spent 2 hours between 11:30 am - 1:30 pm in the classroom snacking, exploring outdoors and eating lunch. Shlok, a little shorter than Ria made a mark with all the children. They were impressed that he did not cry at all and was happy, smiling and waving to everyone in the classroom. Way to go, Little Shlok. You made friends on day one :) 

Shlok’s antics amused the children. Feeling close in age to Ria, Shlok gave Ria a pat on the head. Ria gave a return pat and during lunch instructed ‘Eat’ :) Avni-Vani’s strawberry outfits had our visitor reaching out trying to get at the strawberries! Alexandra-Aria-Raisa the oldest ones reached out and held hands sometimes. Shlok was happy playing in the sun and following the older kids. He walked with us to the Gazebo and Tree Parks...little slower but well, yeah!

Shlok’s daily visits will continue on. He is enrolled to be a part time student to start and then expand into full time.

We had another visitor in the evening. The 2.5 year girl’s visits will also be scheduled. She will be spending 2 full time weeks between August 13-August 24 here. Longer term placement will be determined for her too through the exposure.

While we continue to expand, the comfort of both the existing and new kids/families remains at the center. Be rest assured, we will always be ensuring children are safe, happy and having a childhood here. As always, we are here for any questions/clarifications.

See you all tomorrow.






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