Meet the Flamingos

We were 6 today and while we had lots of fun especially pretending to balance like flamingos, we missed our friends who were not there.

Mika, we hope you get back to 100% health and can join the classroom.

Kenzie, we know you must be having fun but you are being missed.

Laasya, see you Wednesday...have fun with family.

We anticipate Shlok joining us for a 2-hour visit tomorrow. We look forward to some new interactions and the excitement of following interests of a little person.

It was a relaxed classroom and the children played games, counted money, wrote, walked, ran, stretched, colored and made pretend sandwiches/pizza. Food is never too far away from the mind. Indian food was enjoyed as always. I am told to make the same spinach-paneer vegetable again :)

See you all tomorrow!






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