Fabulous Friday

There were many reasons that made today a fabulous friday. You will get a sense of it as you review the many captures from the day. I tried to be stringent but there were so many fun moments to share. 

1. As always, we spent some time working on our sounds, numbers or puzzle/game activities.

2. We all got a chance to crack an egg and practice getting the contents out. It was fun. This was to bake a scrambled egg pizza in the oven. Children like eating this.

3. The best part of the day was going to the Blue Park. The singing to and fro, slide trio, ladders, hanging on the bars like monkeys, spiral ladder, pretend guacamole and chip party, running to the lookout point for San Mateo Bridge sighting...the list goes on. Our 4-year olds for the first time tried and some succeeded in hanging and sliding on the bar. The physical challenges were thrilling. The party returned exhilarated and ready for food/rest.

4. Beans in tomato sauce, toast and scrambled egg pizza most of all was enjoyed with a lot of rest. For some, eating olives on Friday is the new fun.

5. The finale was going into the kitchen garden and picking our cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers and strawberries. We counted our bounty and will enjoy it next week!

The only thing that stopped the day being fantabulous is that we missed our friends Mika and Kenzie. We hope Mika is feeling better and Kenzie enjoys her 2-week trip to Europe.

Our first boy student enrolled for October start at 18-months is hoping to join part time from August, expanding to full time. He will be our youngest and we will see how his visits go next week in the 10 am - 2pm hours. He spent an hour yesterday evening and was quite at home in the classroom with the kids.

There is never a dull moment here. Have a wonderful and restful weekend. See you all on Monday!







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